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Food Truck Permits

The City of Murfreesboro recognizes the growing interest in food trucks in our community.  In response to requests from our citizens, food truck operators, and various organizers of special events in the community, city staff are currently working to develop a permitting process for mobile food service vehicles that will balance the demand for loosening restrictions on food trucks with the desire to maintain regulations necessary for the health, safety and welfare of
our citizens.

In the past, food trucks have been regulated under the City's temporary vending permit, unless permitted under a special event permit.  The temporary vending permit process, which is better suited for truly short-term operators like firework vendors and Christmas tree sales, has proven inadequate to regulate typical food truck operations.

Currently, the City is working to draft new rules and regulations for food truck operations in the city limits.  We are seeking the community's input on the proposed new Ordinance and draft rules and regulations.  In addition, the City proposes to designate specific areas of public right-of-way or public parking lots that may be available for food truck operations.

As new information is available, it will be posted on this webpage and on a Facebook page created to help all stakeholders follow the development of these new regulations.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and please continue to give us feedback!

Learn more about the Proposed Food Truck Ordinance and Regulations:

2nd Draft Mobile Food Service Ordinance

This newly revised 2nd draft Ordinance includes revisions made as a result of input from public meetings held on August 15, 2016 and feedback received by phone calls, emails, or in-person to the Mayor, City Council or City Manager's Office.

2nd Draft Designated Locations in City Right-of-Way

1st Draft Mobile Food Service Vehicle Ordinance

Draft Rules and Regulations for Food Trucks in City Parks

Draft Maps of Designated Food Truck Locations in City Park

1st Draft Designated Locations in City Right-of-Way

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If you have comments or questions about operating a Food Truck in the City of Murfreesboro, please contact Assistant City Manager Jennifer Moody at or 615-849-2629.