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Classification and Compensation
Class and Compensation Study
This is a draft report subject to approval by the Murfreesboro City Council.

Following an RFCSP process, the Management Advisory Group, Inc., (MAG) was engaged to conduct a classification and compensation study. We are making available online to all employees the classification and compensation analysis detail of the report. This report covers all City of Murfreesboro employees except seasonal employees and officials (Referees and Umpires) in the Parks and Recreation Department.

The draft Classification and Compensation was presented by Management Advisory Group (MAG) to the City Council on March 19th. The draft plan is based on job analysis for internal equity and a market study for external equity. MAG has over 30 years of experience in 24 states for over 500 clients.

Employee engagement is a key factor in how the plan is constructed. The draft report involved city employees. It is based upon the participation of over 900 city employees, who completed a Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ).  A cross section of employees also provided input on the bench marked organizations and positions.

The draft report also provides for significant increases in pay. It recommends annualized employee pay increases totaling over $2.3 million, which are explained in the report. It also recommends a 16-step pay plan for public safety and a unified pay plan for all other City employees with increases to the top of many of the previous amounts.

We believe the study is objective and equitable. The same formula was applied to every employee  in placement in the draft report who has been in their current position for at least one year. It also addressed internal equity issues by crediting each day of service in an employee’s current position. 

While much care has been taken to ensure accuracy and correctness, a report of this scope and size may require appropriate adjustments. In order to address this in the best possible manner, a formal administrative review process has been developed for you to submit your concerns.  

An employee may request a review of his or her pay grade assignment or job title by filling out an Administrative Review Form. The employee must state his or her reasons for believing the proposed classification to be incorrect. The Supervisor of the employee who completed the employee’s JAQ or the employee’s Department Head must agree that the classification should be reviewed. If their reasons are different than the employee’s reasons, they must state their reasons. If both the supervisor and the department head do not agree with the employee’s request for an administrative review it shall not be held. Administrative Review Forms should be completed by employees and reviewed by supervisors and or Department Heads by March 27, 2015. A fully completed form must be submitted to the Human Resources Director by April 3, 2015.

The report will not be final until its adoption by City Council, which is targeted for July 1st. As a result, the findings and recommendations are not final until approved by City Council.

We thank you for your service to our community and for your professionalism and teamwork. We've worked hard to develop a classification and compensation system that will enable the city to continue to attract and retain the best and brightest people to serve on our team.  

If you have any questions about the compensation study, send an email to .  

· How to read the Implementation Cost Detail Report 

· Implementation Cost Detail Report (Initial)*

· Implementation Cost Detail Report (Final)*

*The statement on page 7 that the hourly rate can be determined by 1950 is not applicable to all employees; this would only apply to employees working 37.5 hours. The hourly rate for employees working 40 or other hours will be different. The hourly rates also do not include salary supplements which are not shown, but remain unchanged.

Procedure for Administrative Review

Administrative Review Form

Please Note: All City of Murfreesboro salaries are public record.