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Patrol Services
Calls for Service
During 2012 Uniformed Division personnel handled 106,102 calls for service, a 5% increase from 2011. Of those calls 3,868 were handled over the telephone in Teleserve, while 102,234 required a response by field personnel. During the response to these calls officers filed 13,957 reports.

Enforcement Actions
Uniformed officers took 8,868 criminal enforcement actions in 2012. This figure includes cases in which a suspect is taken into physical custody and transported to jail, as well as cases where the suspect is issued a misdemeanor citation to appear in court for minor offenses and released.

Uniformed Division personnel, in 2012 issued, 17,908 traffic citations and 24,334 warning citations. Parking patrol personnel working in the downtown business district and patrol personnel issued 23,494 parking citations during the year.

On January 19, 2010 the department implemented Teleserve. Teleserve is the process of receiving and reporting specified non-emergency incidents by telephone. The program’s intent is to enhance the level of emergency police services available to the community by handling low priority calls by telephone. Another goal of the program is to save time and costs associated with sending an officer and patrol vehicle to each complainant’s location. As detailed above 3,686 incidents were handled by telephone in Teleserve in 2012, which allowed patrol officers to remain in service on preventive patrol in those cases.

The suggestion to implement Teleserve came from within the department at the officer level. Upon carefully considering this suggestion a study committee was formed, which led to the development of the guidelines necessary to implement the program. We consider the first year of operation a success and thank our personnel for taking an active role in improving department operations.

Directed Patrol Service
In June 2006 the Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) was formed. The unit was comprised of community policing officers, detectives, and vice officers who take a directed approach in addressing crime and neighborhood problems. In addition to enforcement duties, the unit was responsible for intelligence gathering and graffiti eradication.

In July 2011 the CSU was renamed the Directed Patrol Service (DPS). With this new title the DPS shifted its focus from strictly neighborhood policing and expanded its mission to address crime problems as trends are detected. The DPS is a flexible unit that frequently alters its working hours to more effectively address identified problems within the city. DPS is headed by a sergeant who supervises the seven officers assigned to the unit.

By coordinating their activities with the Criminal Investigations Division and Uniformed Patrol, the DPS has proved highly successful in addressing violent crimes and residential burglaries. During 2012 DPS personnel accounted for the following activity:
  • 611 drug arrests
  • 23 weapons violations
  • 786 other misdemeanor arrests
  • 101 other felony arrests
  • Service of 454 warrants for wanted persons
In addition to these 1,521 enforcement actions, DPS personnel conducted many hours of surveillance at various locations to address narcotics complaints and develop intelligence related to developing suspects in residential burglaries.

Board of Probation and Parole
Our officers assisted the Board of Probation and Parole (BOPP) in 2012 by providing plain clothes personnel to assist BOPP in searching offenders who come to the BOPP office for monitoring. Officers also assisted BOPP personnel by accompanying them on home visits to probationers to insure they comply with terms of their probation. Our partnership with BOPP continues to be a productive and valuable one.

City Events
The Uniformed Division is responsible for providing traffic and related police services to three of the largest events in the city each year including the Celebration Under the Stars July 4 fireworks show, the Christmas Parade, and the Middle Half Marathon. These three events require assignment of significant resources due to the large crowds involved.

Middle Half Marathon
As the Middle Half Marathon has grown in popularity it has become the event that requires the largest deployment of personnel resources by the department. During the event in 2012 the department assigned 52 officers along the 13.1 mile route to provide traffic control and safety for those participating in the run.