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Vice / Narcotics Section
The Vice / Narcotics Section is responsible for investigating drug related crimes as well as prostitution and gambling. Detectives assisted numerous state and federal agencies that lead to multiple arrests and seizures of monies and property.

Synthetic Drugs
While working with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and State Attorney General’s Office, detectives served numerous search warrants dealing with sale of synthetic drugs (i.e. Molly’s Plant Food). These efforts resulted in one of the largest seizures of said drugs. Because of this, the Vice Unit has again partnered with the State Attorney General’s Office and has conducted an awareness campaign warning against the use and effects of synthetic drugs.

2012 Statistics
In 2012, vice detectives arrested 167 individuals on 171 criminal charges. Detectives also conducted over 70 seizures and were awarded $222,046.23. Drug fines collected by the courts totaled $169,679.54. Detectives also assisted in the dismantling of four meth labs.

Notable Cases
  • Operation “Robin Hood” Gambling Enterprise - This case involved executing three search warrants in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, and Wilson County. The searches revealed two active gambling enterprises, one of which was a poker enterprise at Rhodes Construction Group on Memorial Boulevard. The other was a sport betting enterprise operated from a residence which used an online server to run the gambling operation. As a result of the investigation, over 15 firearms, 119 Lortab, two computers, and gambling equipment were confiscated. Twenty one individuals have been prosecuted and the courts have awarded the Murfreesboro Police Department over $106,000. This case began in 2011 and is currently being prosecuted in Rutherford County Courts.
  • Operation “Storage Steroids” - This case involved the execution of a search warrant at a storage unit on South Church Street that revealed a very large quantity of illegal steroids. When the suspect was taken into custody, the detectives recovered a computer system that furthered the investigation. The initial investigation and search resulted in seizing 79,245 individual doses of 71 different types of steroids.