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Gang Unit
The Gang Unit is responsible for investigating crimes that are gang related or gang motivated such as shootings, serious assaults, and drug related crimes. Detectives also work to identify and document the identity of gang members in Murfreesboro.

In conjunction with the A.T.F, they have aided in the prosecution of gang members with weapons and/or drug charges. This unit also assists the Tennessee Office of Probation and Parole in making visitations to those gang members who are currently on probation or parole. The unit’s goal is to target a gang’s hierarchy and disrupt their activity locally and regionally.

2012 Statistics
In 2012, the Gang Unit arrested 100 individuals on 157 criminal charges. Detectives seized $10,085 in cash as well as two vehicles and other miscellaneous items from suspected drug dealers. The Gang Unit assisted general detectives on nine shooting investigations where there was a gang member involved or other gang nexus. In addition, the unit served or assisted in serving six search warrants.

The Gang Unit continues to work closely with the Tennessee Office of Probation and Parole. At least 32 ride-a-longs with probation / parole officers were conducted last year in which hundreds of probationers were visited at their homes. Several arrests were made for drugs, guns, and stolen property at these locations.

In one particular visit, a convicted felon was found selling guns to known gang members. The suspect was charged in federal court and is currently serving a 7.5-year sentence. While conducting a ride-a-long on another occasion, two gang members were found to be in possession of a large amount of cocaine and $6,750 in cash. A Metro Nashville Police Officer’s shotgun was recovered during a home visit on a convicted felon. A follow-up investigation resulted in the recovery of 15 bullet proof vests and other stolen police items.