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Domestic Violence Section
The Domestic Violence Special Victims Unit works many different types of crimes against persons ranging from domestic assault, rape, child abuse, child sexual abuse, child neglect, stalking, child pornography, elder abuse, and referrals from Department of Children Services.

Ending the Cycle of Violence
Following the patrol response to domestic situations, this unit provides victims with resources for ending the cycle of violence. Often times the victim reunites with the offender, making this type of case very difficult to prosecute, however in cases where prosecution occurs, the unit works well with the District Attorney’s Office and has a high rate of success.

Notable Cases 
  • On April 23, 2012, investigators responded to Second Avenue to investigate an infant death in which the parents were responsible for due to practicing unsafe sleeping habits along with drug and alcohol use. A January, 2013 Grand Jury indicted both parents on Reckless Homicide. 
  • On November, 2012, investigators responded to a residence in reference to a child found dead after sleeping in an unsafe condition. Evidence has been sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations for examination. Prosecution is expected. A strong likelihood of prosecution is likely in this case.