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Water & Sewer Rates & Fees
Cost of Water and Sewer for Selected Consumptions
In the City of Murfreesboro Water Cost of Service Study and Cost of Sewer Service Study (Studies) prepared by Jackson Thornton Utilities on Montgomery Alabama, in 2007 (updated 2011) it was determined the water and sewer rates “were insufficient in meeting the system’s revenue requirements”.

Changing Rates
Due to the debt service related to the construction on the new water treatment facilities they projected recovery levels to drop and recommended changes to the water rates. The revenues from the waste water system were insufficient in meeting the system’s revenue requirements.

They recommended the city “implement a multi-year plan to start increasing rate revenues and thus increasing the recovery level of the sewer system to a more manageable level.” Jackson Thornton recommended the city continue to evaluate its sufficiency annually. A rate change is recommended to meet the additional revenue requirement.

Effective July 1, 2017

Minimum Monthly Allowances
To meet the additional revenue requirement for the upcoming fiscal year, it is recommended the minimum monthly allowance for
  • 5/8 inch meters be reduced to a 0 minimum monthly allowance
  • For all other meter sizes the minimum is reduced by 20%

Fee Changes
This will increase the monthly water and sewer bill for a customer with a 5/8 inch meter and usage of 200 cubic feet to $31.90 from the current minimum bill of $31.40.

Water & Sewer Rate Changes

The water rate is recommended to remain at $2.74 per 100 cubic feet. The Sewerage Service Fee is recommended remain at $3.34 per 100 cubic feet and the Sewer Operation and Maintenance Fee is recommended to remain at 90 cents per 100 cubic feet.

Water & Sewer Connection Fees
There are no increases recommended to the water and sewer connection fees. They will remain at $1,200 and $2,550 (per single family unit) respectively.

Based on findings in the Financial Condition Assessment report prepared by Smith, Seckman, Reid Inc. in May 2004 and the more recent studies by Jackson, Thornton Utilities in 2007, water and sewer connection fees were scheduled to increase annually until the water connection fee reached $1,700 and the sewer connection fee reached $3,300.

Due to the decline in the economy the increases are recommended to be suspended and considered again next year.