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Cross-Connection Control
Irrigation Guidelines
  • Backflow protection is required on all irrigation systems to ensure the safety of the public water supply.
    • If your property has an irrigation system that does not have the required backflow protection you are not in compliance.
  • If an irrigation system is supplied by a well or river, the system must be totally segregated from the public water supply.
  • If an irrigation system is supplied by a well or river the Murfreesboro Water and Sewer Department requires you to fill out a Cross Connection Control Statement.
    • The completed form may be returned by fax or mailed with your water and sewer bill payment.
  • If you are not sure your irrigation system has the required backflow protection, please contact us and we will schedule an inspection.

Please refer to the Cross-Connection Control Procedures Manual for all cross-connection control requirements to include approved devices and installation criteria.

Backflow Prevention Protection
To protect MWSD customers, the department requires backflow prevention protection at any connection to the potable water supply that might allow contaminants to flow backwards into the system. This means that all commercial and industrial customers are required to have an approved device in place between their facilities and the city water supply. In addition, all underground irrigation systems are required to have such devices.


These devices are inspected by MWSD personnel on a regular basis. Because most of middle Tennessee is underlain by fissured limestone, many of the wells in this region periodically suffer contamination from surface runoff. The Murfreesboro City Code prohibits interconnections between wells and the city water supply.

Residential Connections
Cross-connections can occur in private residences when garden hoses are left submerged in pools, when they lay in elevated positions above the hose bib, or when chemical sprayers are attached to hoses to spray pesticides.

Hoses should be disconnected promptly after use, and the installation of hose bib vacuum breakers is strongly recommended. These simple devices are available at many hardware, plumbing and builder's supply stores and range in cost from $5 to $15.

Annual Testing and Inspection Fees
Inspection Fee
Annual Inspection $35
1st Follow-up Inspection $0
2nd Follow-up Inspection $50
Final Follow-up Inspection $100
Post Disconnect Inspections* $100
*Post disconnect costs do not include reconnect fees.

Certified Plumbers List
A list of cross-connection certified plumbers is available. To be added to the list, please fax state certification in cross connection to 615-848-3244.

The Murfreesboro Water and Sewer Department does not endorse or recommend an individual or company on this list, and or does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and workmanship performed by any individual or company on this list.

Contact Us
Frank Maccagnano
Cross Connection Control Supervisor

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