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Letters to the Chief of Police
The "Letters to the Chief of Police" is dedicated to recognizing the hard work and desire of Murfreesboro Police Department officers to make a difference in the community. The following are summaries of letters written to Murfreesboro Police Chief Glenn Chrisman. Congratulations to these police officers and dispatchers for their excellence in making Murfreesboro a safe and wonderful community.MPD Badge - Gold - 30Sep2013.jpg
Recognize a Police Officer
If you would like to recognize a police officer or dispatcher, please write:
Chief Glenn Chrisman
c/o Murfreesboro Police Department
302 S. Church St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
January 2015
Officer Adam Boisseau and Officer Seth Jackson received a commendation letter from two Murfreesboro families expressing their sincere appreciation for the manner in which they dealt with a difficult family situation they were facing.  Of the many compliments they expressed in the letter was what "fine examples" the two officers were.  The letter stated that their professional, compassionate handling of the situation influenced the attitudes and opinions of both the adults and children present that day. 

Officer Jody Johnson and Officer Chris Woodard were recently commended for handling a minor theft and disturbance call in her neighborhood.  The citizen wanted to convey her appreciation for being professional, polite and genuinely concerned with finding the persons responsible for the theft.

Officer Adam Boisseau received a letter of appreciation from a citizen who wished to express her appreciation for helping her change a flat tire.  She wanted to thank the officer for his service to the City of Murfreesboro.

Officer Albert Miles III was commended for his professional and compassionate manner in which he built a rapport with a robbery victim.  Because of the interaction, Detectives received much needed information to solve the case.

Sergeant Melonie Roche, Officer Brice Robbins, and Officer Stuart Ogg were recognized by a citizen for the manner in which they worked a wreck his wife had been involved in.  The citizen stated that his wife had never been in a crash before and the officers' "wonderful and professional demeanor calmed and eased the stress of the situation."

Officer Palmer Gibbs, Officer Jacob Fountain, Officer Richard Whitley and Detective Michael Yates were commended for the role each played in removing a sexual predator from the streets.  Their "alertness to detail and willingness to investigate beyond the initial reported suspicious behavior" resulted in the arrest and prosecution of the suspect.

Captain Nathan McDaniel, Sergeant Katrina Henderson, Detective Ed Gorham, Detective Tyler Smith, Detective Kerry Thorpe, and Detective Garry Templeton all received letters of appreciation from the President of the Rutherford County Home Builders Association.  The letters expressed the sincere thanks and appreciation for "dedicating the resources and manpower to end the rash of shingle thefts."  He concluded by stating that the Detectives' efforts to solve a crime is part of what makes Murfreesboro a "fine place to call home."

Officer Chrystal Templeton was commended by a participant in the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Women class for her roll in teaching women to "feel empowered to fight back."  A second letter was received from another participant who stated that the class was "a very positive and powerful experience" and wanted to acknowledge her hard work and dedication in providing the class.

Officer Darrin Wilcox received a letter from a citizen who was involved in a motor vehicle crash.  He expressed his gratitude for the officer acting with "a sense of care, professionalism and sincerity."

Sergeant Allen Cox was recognized by a supervisor at another police department for the way in which Sgt. Cox handled a situation involving his daughter and granddaughter here in Murfreesboro.  He stated the response was "quick and prompt and that no one could have handled the situation any better."

Communications Training Officer Sherry Nipper and Dispatch Trainee Molly Kehoe were commended for their kindness and generosity they showed to a woman who had been involved in a motor vehicle accident.