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Letters to the Chief of Police
The "Letters to the Chief of Police" is dedicated to recognizing the hard work and desire of Murfreesboro Police Department officers to make a difference in the community. The following are summaries of letters written to Murfreesboro Police Chief Glenn Chrisman. Congratulations to these police officers and dispatchers for their excellence in making Murfreesboro a safe and wonderful community.MPD Badge - Gold - 30Sep2013.jpg
Recognize a Police Officer
If you would like to recognize a police officer or dispatcher, please write:
Chief Glenn Chrisman
c/o Murfreesboro Police Department
302 S. Church St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

September 2014
Sergeant Chris Ashley and Detective Tyler Smith received a letter of appreciation from a Murfreesboro family that had recently suffered a tremendous loss and wanted to convey his appreciation for the manner in which the officers assisted them during their difficult time.  The letter stated they were "magnificent, professional, caring, compassionate and top notch."

Officer Pam Goslee recently received a letter of appreciation from a resident who had been involved in a traffic crash in Murfreesboro and stated that Officer Goslee "couldn't have been nicer and did an great job."

Officer Stephen McGowan was recognized by a local attorney who is participating in the Department's Citizen Police Academy.  He wished to convey his appreciation for the manner in which Officer McGowan conducted himself during the ride-a-long.  He stated that McGowan was "friendly, interesting, enjoyable and did an excellent job explaining the duties of a police officer."

Officer Tamara Beebe received a letter of appreciation from a resident for her assistance on a lost property call in which the resident stated he was "left with a very positive impression of our local police force."

Officer Deric Haynes received a letter of appreciation for his "very courteous and professional" manner in which Officer Haynes investigated a traffic crash he was involved in.

August 2014
Officer Daniel Love was recognized for diligent work patrolling his zone and due to his alertness, a serial burglar was arrested and charged with over 7 counts of burglary and theft.

Detective Larry Maples received a letter of appreciation from a citizen who wished to express her “sincere appreciation and gratitude” for the manner in which he had investigated a family member’s disappearance.  She stated Det. Maples was “professional, thorough, helpful, understanding, patient and respectful.”

Officer Christopher Wilkerson and Officer Kyle Frazier received letters of appreciation from a citizen who stated that he was a psychiatric nurse and observed the officers interacting with an individual who appeared to be in mental distress.  He stated that the officers handled the situation professionally, appropriately, and in a way that attracted very little attention to the situation.  He stated that it was not the first time he had observed members of the MPD team interacting with citizens in the community in a friendly, professional and courteous manner. 

Detective Ed Gorham, Officer Jessica Hawkins, and Officer David Miller were recognized by their supervisor for their work on a series of auto burglaries and vandalisms.  Due to their hard work, an arrest was made and suspect held accountable in the court system.

Officer Tim Harris was recognized by his supervisor for his efforts in conducting traffic stops that resulted in the seizure of narcotics and thousands of dollars in cash used to further drug sales. 

Officer Gretta Ireland and Dispatcher Jennifer Chaffin were recognized by a citizen whose blind friend had been bitten by a dog in their neighborhood.  The citizen stated that the “prompt action” not only helped the victim, but also ensured the safety of others in the neighborhood until animal control could arrive.

June 2014
Officer Robert Jamison was commended by a citizen for the manner in which he followed up on a police report and the citizen stated that she and her family felt safe because he went "above and beyond by checking on her family".

Officer Chris Phillips was recently recognized by his supervisor for his "hard work" in the arrest of three gang members and recovery of two stolen firearms. 

Officer Almert Miles III was recognized by a citizen expressing his gratitude for the "respectful and professional" manner in which Miles conducted himself during a traffic stop.  He stated that Miles was "truly respectful" of his situation.

Officer Seth Jackson was commended for the professionalism demonstrated when handling an injured wild animal.  The citizen wrote "Officer Jackson took appropriate action and went above and beyond what is expected of an officer".

Officer Pam Goslee received a letter of appreciation from Murfreesboro City School Board Chairman, Mr. Butch Campbell to express his gratitude for polite and professional demeanor while handilng a recent situation.

February 2014
Officer Allen Slater received a letter of appreciation from a citizen who expressed his appreciation for the “kindness and tenderness” Officer Slater showed during a recent visit to the citizen’s home. The resident stated that he was very thankful for the officer and for MPD.

Detective Jennifer West received a letter of recognition from the MTSU Police Department commending her for assisting with an unlawful photography case. The MTSU Detective stated that Detective West was able to recover “critical evidence” regarding the case and that her experience on similar cases was beneficial to the investigation.

Officer Adam Boisseau, Officer Zachary Ferrell, and Dispatcher Michelle Rowland received a letter of appreciation from a citizen who wanted to extend her gratitude for checking on her after the home burglar alarm activated. After confirming that the alarm was indeed false, the officers assured her they would remain in the area and stop by just to “double check”. She went on to state: “at that moment, I was extremely proud to be a resident of Murfreesboro”.

January 2014
Officer Seth Jackson recently received a letter from a citizen who had some issues with his juvenile child. He stated that he was “very appreciative” of the way Officer Jackson handled the situation.

Officer Jeff Carroll was recently recognized after the Department received a letter from a local law enforcement agency expressing gratitude for Officer Carroll’s assisting in a situation involving a medical emergency. The writer stated that Officer Carroll “never thought of himself or the danger he could have subjected himself to and that the first reaction was simply to help”.

Officer Terry Spence received a letter of thanks for helping unlock her vehicle on a very cold day. She stated her dog was inside the vehicle and she had accidentally left the keys inside, locking the dog and her keys in the vehicle. She stated that Officer Spence “patiently and diligently worked for twenty minutes” to gain entry to her car.

Officers Jacob Fountain and Rashad Howse were recognized by a supervisor for their work on an auto burglary case on West Lytle Street. The letter stated both officers were “consistent in their efforts patrolling this area” and due to their efforts, were able to identify a suspect, make an arrest, and return the stolen items to the owner.

Officers Mona Thomas and Chris Norville were recognized for their efforts in recognizing and stopping a suspicious vehicle that led to the development of the occupants of the vehicle as suspects in a shooting. The subjects were interviewed by the CID and later arrested.

Officers Josh Borel and Trey Mansfield were recognized for an arrest of a violent felon. The officers recognized the subject and discovered he was violating the terms of his release. The violent individual will be headed back to jail for a long period because of the officers’ alertness.

Lieutenant Charles Goodloe, Sergeant Jeff Keaton, Sergeant Reco Hathaway, Detective Sam Day, and Detective Shawn Haney were commended by the US Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The Officers were commended for their assistance in the arrest of a known gang member. The BATFE supervisor wrote: “the hard work and dedication” of the officers led to the Federal prosecution of the gang member.