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Letters to the Chief of Police
The "Letters to the Chief of Police" is dedicated to recognizing the hard work and desire of Murfreesboro Police Department officers to make a difference in the community. The following are summaries of letters written to Murfreesboro Police Chief Glenn Chrisman. Congratulations to these police officers and dispatchers for their excellence in making Murfreesboro a safe and wonderful community.MPD Badge - Gold - 30Sep2013.jpg
Recognize a Police Officer
If you would like to recognize a police officer or dispatcher, please write:
Chief Glenn Chrisman
c/o Murfreesboro Police Department
302 S. Church St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

July 2015
Officers Mic Rea and Hector Montalvo were commended for an interaction they had with a citizen's grandchild at Kid's Castle Park.  He citizen stated that while they were responding to another call regarding some adults, they took time to speak with the children in the park and show them some of the equipment police officers carry.  He stated that he was "proud of our officers and the services they render to the community."

Officer Matt Simmons was recently recognized by a citizen for his "stern, caring, courteous and respectful" demeanor when dealing with an unruly juvenile.

Lieutenant Steve Jarrell was commended by Franklin Police Chief Deborah Faulkner recognizing Jarrell's assistance in their promotion process.  Chief Faulkner stated: "professionalism and dedication to this important process was greatly appreciated and Lt. Jarrell was an outstanding law enforcement professional."  

Sergeant David Johnson was commended by Mr. Bill Kostrub, Chief of Juvenile Warrants and Juvenile Court Security in Nashville/Davidson County, for Johnson's instruction at a Firearms Instructor class taught at the MPD.  The letter stated that Sgt. Johnson's class was "professional, purposeful, efficient and safe."  He added that the class was "light and humorous while maintain a high level of professionalism." 

Officer Vy Phothirath was recognized for the way he interacted with a victim in a fraud case.  The victim's family stated that he eased her fears and made "her feel validated" in calling the police.

Officer Westley Hall received a letter of appreciation from a local attorney who had participated in a Leadership Rutherford ride-a-long. The letter stated that the time spent with the officer gave him a new perspective on what officers encounter on a daily basis. He went on to say the officer “displayed the character of an officer that genially has a strong desire to protect and serve the citizens in our community”. 
Sergeant Scott Newberg received a letter of appreciation from a member of the leadership team of a local church who stated that he was “very grateful for the input and advice regarding forming a security plan” for their new building. 
Officer Kyle Frazier was recognized for assisting a child who had been left at home for several days without proper food. Officer Frazier purchased food with his own money and made sure he had all the resources available. 
Officer Ricky Haley was sent a letter of appreciation from an individual who had been stopped by the officer for a traffic infraction. The citizen stated that he “appreciated the officer’s professional conduct” during the traffic stop and stated that the officer reflected positively on the City. 
Sergeants Robert Holloway, Reco Hathaway, and Officers Reginald Primas, Robert McAdams, Nathan Frost, and Allen Slater received letters of appreciation for their assistance during a 5K Fun Run. The organizer stated that the officers “went beyond the call of duty to help create a successful, safe community event.” 
Officers Andrew Graves and Darryl Sanders received a letter of appreciation from the Director of Assessment and Counseling for Trustpoint Hospital expressing her appreciation for the manner in which the officers dealt with a situation involving her family. She stated that their “calm demeanor, overall professionalism, and partnership with their clinical team resulted in a positive outcome for her and her family.” 
Sergeant Chad Hershman received a letter of appreciation from the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office for providing instruction at a training seminar on the AR-15 weapon system. The letter stated that the lecture was “practical and impressive.” 
Officer Christopher Williams was recognized by a detective for his willingness to counsel, mentor, and assist a single mother and her son who were victims of a crime. The letter stated that the effort “made a positive impact on their family.” 
Officer Eric Barton received a letter of appreciation for helping an elderly couple whose vehicle had broken down. The letter state that the officer “went the extra mile” in helping her parents get the help they needed to get their vehicle repaired. 
Officer Dave Norton received a letter of appreciation from an out of town visitor who had been in a vehicle accident while visiting Murfreesboro. The letter stated that the officer was “professional and kind” when he investigating the accident. 
Officer Angela Alexander was recognized by Chief of Police Danielle Boldt of the California Rancho Cucamonga Police Department for assisting one of their injured officers at the National Police Bloodhound Association training seminar. Chief Boldt stated that it “gave them tremendous relief knowing the officer was in good hands.” 
Officers Skye Brown and Christopher Hobbs received a letter of appreciation for their efforts in returning a lost purse and its contents to a visitor to our City. The letter stated the visitor was “overwhelmed with their diligence and care.” 
Officer Hector Montalvo recently visited the Chief of Police to present a letter that she had written expressing appreciation for the help, assistance and friendship the officer provided after the death of her husband of 50 years. She stated that Officer Montalvo was her “angel” and that he has been a tremendous source of strength, comfort and human kindness that she will never forget. 
Officer Terry Spence was recognized by a citizen to express his “deep appreciation” for the kindness and care his ex-wife received from Officer Spence while she was traveling through Murfreesboro and encountered a medical issue.

May 2015
Sergeant Katrina Henderson and Detective Eric Howser were recognized by the US Secret Service for their assistance in prosecuting a person who had stolen thousands of dollars from area churches. The letter stated that their “dedication, coordination and collaboration with the Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies undoubtedly led to the positive outcome of a conviction and restitution”.

Officers Daniel Love, Greg Brown, and Jacob Lamb were recognized for the “expedited response and capture of three subjects suspected of committing an armed robbery.”

Officers Cameron Adam and Travis Ledford received a letter of appreciation from a citizen who wrote that the officers’ “quick actions in dealing with a juvenile having suicidal thoughts was very commendable” and wanted to express their thanks for the officers skill in preventing a tragic event.

Officer Ricky Haley received a letter from a citizen expressing his appreciation for his “professionalism”. The letter stated that Haley was “very nice” and that the citizen was “very proud” that the City has officers of the caliber of Officer Haley.

Officer Reginald Primas was commended by Superintendent Bernard Salandy of the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center for speaking with a local church group. Salandy stated that Primas was “professional, dedicated, compassionate and did an exemplary job representing the Department.

Officer Christopher Hobbs was recognized by a citizen for his help in regards to a family situation in which the officer was “nothing short of a blessing and prayers answered.”

Officer Anthony Whitehead was commended by a citizen conveying her appreciation for the manner in which he worked a minor traffic accident involving her daughter. The citizen stated in her letter that Ofc. Whitehead was “pleasant, reassuring, and even helped change her daughter’s tire in the rain.” – Officer Whitehead was also commended by a Captain with the Tennessee Highway Patrol for his efforts in resolving parking issues experienced at the Girl’s State Basketball Tournament at MTSU. The THP stated that his “actions and demeanor were of the most professional caliber”.