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Traffic & Special Services
Traffic Crash Investigations
Officers responded to 7,702 reported crashes, which resulted in 4,978 crashes reported to the Department of Safety in 2012. This total includes 3,675 property damage, 1,294 personal injury and nine fatal crashes. In addition, officers responded to 1,814 private property crashes.

All fatal crashes are investigated by the Fatal Accident Crash Team (FACT). The team is comprised of specially trained crash investigators using the latest technology to determine the cause of a fatal crash. Members of FACT work in conjunction with the District Attorney General’s Office to prosecute cases where death or serious injury occurs involving criminal conduct by the operator of a vehicle. During 2012, FACT members investigated 13 crashes, 9 of which involved fatalities.

Tennessee Integrated Traffic Analysis Network (TITAN)
TITAN serves as a platform to submit crash reports electronically to the State and also allows users to query crash data for statistical purposes. In February 2011 five officers and two supervisors attended a train-the-trainer class for the TITAN crash reporting system. These trainers then conducted training over a period of several months to enable all patrol personnel to use the system. Also, during this transition phase, the information technology section installed the TITAN software on all mobile data terminals in our patrol units.

As of August 1, 2011, all crash reports are now being submitted electronically to the Department of Safety. During 2012 the department submitted 4,978 electronic reports.

Good feedback has been received by officers using the system. TITAN also assists the Records Section by eliminating the need to store paper reports and making it easier to locate and print reports for citizens. During the implementation process we also made access to the data available for the Engineering Department for use in statistical analysis.

Child Passenger Safety
Our Child Passenger Safety (CPS) program continues to be one of our most important community outreach activities. In 2012 our CPS technicians participated in two CPS checkpoints held in conjunction with our community partners, which include State Farm Regional Headquarters, National Night Out, and MTSU. Seventy-two child seats were inspected during these events.

Our CPS technicians also serve the community by providing child seat checks to families that come to the Police Department to have a child safety seat checked or installed. By providing this service we make a positive impression on these families, as well as help in protecting Murfreesboro’s smallest citizens.

Murfreesboro Police Alcohol Countermeasures Team (MPACT)
During 2012 our three MPACT Officers took 1,046 enforcement actions. This includes 328 DUI / DWI, 551 alcohol offenses, and 167 arrests for other violations. MPACT officers also participate in victim impact panels in the community and assist with instruction during DUI training sessions at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy.

MADD Recognition
All three members of the DUI enforcement unit (MPACT) received the 100 Club Award from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) at the annual Tennessee Lifesavers Conference held in Murfreesboro. This award recognizes Tennessee law enforcement officers who have made at least 100 DUI arrests during the year. The Murfreesboro Police Department is consistently represented in this award ceremony each year due to the hard work and commitment of our MPACT officers on DUI enforcement.

MPACT Officer, Kenneth White, was honored by MADD of Tennessee as the MADD Officer of the Year for his commitment to impaired driving enforcement.

Red Light Camera Program 
Throughout 2007, our personnel worked with staff from the Traffic and Legal Departments to finalize the selection of a provider for the red light camera enforcement system. An intense selection process was concluded in 2008 resulting in Traffipax being selected as the contractor for the service.

Installation of the system began in March and was finished during the first half of 2008 with the system becoming operational in June. The system monitors six intersections utilizing a total of 22 cameras. Citations are only issued after the photographic and video evidence are reviewed by a sworn police officer.

Captured Violations
The Automated Red Light Enforcement System began operation in June of 2008, and as of December 31, 2012, had issued over 74,000 citations. During 2012, 24,255 violations were issued. A $50 civil penalty is imposed for each violation. 

K-9 Unit
The Patrol K-9 unit consists of three patrol canine teams with handlers. Each handler is issued a specially equipped vehicle to accommodate their canine partner. Each team receives continual specialized training during the year and is certified annually by their national associations. During 2012 the Patrol K-9 Unit responded to 71 calls for service, which resulted in 16 arrests. Important evidence related to crime investigations was also located by the unit at many crime scenes.

Narcotic Detector Canines
On October 29, 2012, three narcotic detector canines were added to the canine unit. The three new canines (Tucker, Ruger, and Mia) and their handlers made an immediate impact in their new assignment responding to 45 drug-related incidents, resulting in 22 arrests in the two months they were operational in 2012.

Immediate Response Team & Special Operations Unit
The Immediate Response Team (IRT) consists of members of the Special Operations Unit (SOU) tactical team who have completed Basic SWAT training and have been recommended by their SOU supervisor as performing at an acceptable level of tactical proficiency. The IRT Unit responded to 155 incidents requiring tactically trained officers to handle the situation. All of these responses resulted in successful conclusions with no serious injuries to officers or suspects.

IRT response to these incidences alleviated the need for a full SOU call-out in many cases. This approach saves personnel costs and results in quick resolution to situations that have the potential to become more serious if not resolved quickly.

SOU Responses
The SOU responded to three call-outs. Two of these operations were in support of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm (ATF) assisting in felony warrant service of persons wanted on federal charges. The third operation involved an armed, suicidal, and barricaded person.