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Comprehensive Plan RFP
City of Murfreesboro Comprehensive Plan Information Center
*Please scroll to bottom of page for List of Registrants and RFP documents*
If you see any problems or issues with your registration, contact . Thank you!


Date Issued:
December 9th, 2013
Proposal Deadline Date: Wednesday, January 15th, 2014
Proposal Deadline Time: All Submissions are due in our offices by 3:00 PM, Murfreesboro Local Time

City Contacts:

Joseph Aydelott, Planning Director (Primary Contact) 
Shannon Logan, AICP, Assistant to the City Manager (Alternate Contact)

Telephone Number: (615) 893-6441 FAX Number: (615) 849-2606

*All proposals must be received and acknowledged in the City Manager’s Office on or before the day and time listed above.


City of Murfreesboro
City Manager’s Office
111 West Vine Street
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37133-1139

Proposal envelope or container must include the proposal title, proposal deadline date, and the proposer’s name.  Failure to provide this information on the envelope may result in the proposal not being considered.  Do not submit proposals by fax or electronically. Proposals submitted by fax or electronically cannot be accepted or considered for award.

Comprehensive Plan Proposal Registration Form (Completion of this form is required if you plan to submit a proposal)

RFP Documents

Comprehensive Plan Request For Proposal Document
City County Urban Growth Boundary Map
Social Media Policy
Employee Handbook Policy on Social Media
Questions and Answers Posted 1-8-14
Comprehensive Plan 1987-2000

City Plans and Documents
2014 Budget                                                           Major Thoroughfare Plan
Street Specifications                                              ADT Map
Gateway Design Overlay District Subdivision Regulations
Greenway Map Zoning Ordinance
Greenway Blueways Bikeways Master Plan Zoning Map
Blackman Plan Cable Ordinance
CCO Overlay District Gateway Design Overlay District Map
Streetscape Master Plan Revised Updated Comprehensive GDO Regulations
2012 Building Code Adoption w/Amendments Sign Ordinance
2012 Cable TV Policy Community Development Citizen Participation Plan
CD Stratetgic Plan 2010-2015 Community Development Action Plan
Community Development CAPER Murfreesboro TN AI2010 Final Report
City Charter ROVER Route Guide
Gateway (DRC) Design Guidelines Solid Waste Ordinance
Landscape Ordinance Tree Management Ordinance
MWSD 201 Plan MWSD Wastewater Treatment Capacity Study Exec. Sum. 
Stormwater Ordinance City Financial Policies
City Schools Mission Stmt/Master Plan 2013 Airport Layout Plan 2013 Narrative
Murfreesboro IT Strategic Plan 2013 2013 Year End Building Construction Activity Report

Registered Submitter List - Please notify us immediately if you see any problems with your registration.Thank you!

The following firms have registered their intent to submit proposals:

 Company Name Phone Number Email Address Contact Name
 Cannon & Cannon  615-770-0010 Eric Gardner
 LandDesign 704-333-0325 Meg Nealon
 Wiser Consultants 615-278-1500 Jim Kerr
 WRT 305-378-1832 John Fernsler
 Altamont Environmental 828-281-3350 Mindy Beller
 Huddleston-Steele 615-893-4084 Cherie Akers
 planning NEXT 614-586-1500   Jamie Greene
 CHA 615-377-1320 Shane Burkhardt
 TPUDC 314-630-0038/615-948-8702 Meghan Skornia
 MIG, Inc. 303-440-9200 Paul Glasgow
 MKSK 614-621-2796 Jane Jordan
 McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations 615-259-4000 Colby Sledge
 Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. 404-419-8700 david.coode@kimley-horn.com David Coode
 Kendig Keast Collaborative 281-242-2960 Bret Keast
 Studio Cascade 509-835-3770 William Grimes
 Urban Blueprint, LLC 615-646-8094 Debbie Frank
 Angelou Economics 512-225-9328  Michael Lumbley
 Interface Studio LLC 215-925-5595 Scott Page
 Houseal Lavigne Associates 312-372-1008 Danielle Ross
The Lawrence Group 704-896-1696 Amanda Huggins
Cam Planning + Design 980-253-0344 Cameron Gardner
Goodwyn Mills Cawood 615-333-7200

Mark O'Neal