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Community Landscape Award
Purpose & Goal
Many of our residents and business owners maintain beautiful landscapes. These landscapes contribute greatly to the quality of life enjoyed by our citizens and visitors. The Murfreesboro Urban Environmental Department wants to recognize those properties in the City of Murfreesboro that make positive contributions to our city’s landscape through our creation of the Community Landscape Awards.

Nominated properties will be judged by the Murfreesboro Urban Environmental Commission and a sign will be provided for the winners to post on their property during the month of their award as well as being displayed on the city’s website. Winning properties will be selected during the summer months.

Award Categories
We have created four award categories. Please nominate areas that are visible to the public and exemplify good landscape design and maintenance practices.
Single Family Properties
House where one family resides
Maintained by the residents in order to be eligible.
Multi-Family Properties
Duplex, triplex, apartment
Maintained by the residents or by a professional company
Commercial / Industrial Commercial Businesses or Industrial Sites
Shops, offices
Maintained by the residents or by a professional company
Residential HOA
Anyplace with a homeowners association
Maintained by the residents or a professional company
HOA maintains landscaping on common areas inside the community