What is Murfreesboro 2035?


Murfreesboro 2035 - Our Future Begins Now

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The City of Murfreesboro is excited to kickoff a two-year comprehensive planning process, Murfreesboro 2035. We are partnering with residents, local business owners, and community leaders to plan for the the next 20 years of growth and development. The final result of the two-year planning process is the City of Murfreesboro’s Comprehensive Plan, a community guidebook that specifies policy, program, and project initiatives for the City. The plan elements include major functions of the City, including transportation, land use, housing and neighborhoods, parks and recreation, public facilities, historic preservation, and economic development with a focus on population growth and infrastructure.

Why is this process important to me?

In order to be successful, the Comprehensive Plan must reflect the community’s values and traditions, while simultaneously exploring opportunities and best practices for growth, redevelopment and enhancement. We are using a high-tech and high-touch approach to engage the community throughout the planning effort, including a grassroots marketing campaign, community meetings, workshops and the use of technology, to gather citizen input.

To stay informed about upcoming events and learn about new ways to contribute to the process, please sign up for the project newsletter: www.2035newsletter.com. You may reach out to the City Manager's office with questions at (615) 849-2629 or email us.
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