Civic Plaza Use Information

The Civic Plaza is located at 111 W. Vine Street in front of Murfreesboro City Hall & Linebaugh Library

Guidelines, Rental Requirements, and Regulations

  1. A minimum of thirty (30) days notice is required for all reservations. Call the Parks and Recreation Department at 615-890-5333.
  2. A seven (7) day notice of cancellation is required for all reservations in order to receive a full refund on any deposit paid. Otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited.
  3. Use of the civic plaza for events or functions is limited to the brick paved areas and the amphitheater seating. (Overflow seating in the designated grass area behind the amphitheater seating will be allowed.)
  4. All applicants must notify, check in and coordinate with the Parks and Recreation Department at telephone number 615-890-5333 a minimum of ten (10) working days prior to any pre-approved activity or function taking place on the plaza.
  5. Any applicant who wishes to set up any items to be used for an event must do so under the supervision of the Parks and Recreation Department. Exact time activities will begin must be indicated on the application. Initiation of such activities prior to the authorized time is strictly prohibited.
  6. No staking, driving of poles or any other type of ground anchoring devices will be allowed in any areas of the civic plaza!!!
  7. No hanging, tying, or attachment of awnings, banners, signs, posters, etc., to any building, pavilion, or another fixed object (including plant materials) will be allowed.
  8. Any items being moved in, out, or within the plaza area shall be transported in a manner so as not to cause any damage to surfaces, including but not limited to brick pavers, stairs, amphitheater seating, gravel pathways, and landscape beds.
  9. All electrical lines and extension cord placement must meet code criteria as follows: 1) no temporary wiring is permitted; 2) extension cords may not cross walkways; 3) extension cords are to be U.V. listed and sized accordingly; and 4) circuits shall not be overloaded. In the event sound or other high-amperage equipment is to be used, maximum amps per electrical unit shall be listed on the application.
  10. No chemical or synthetic agent that may cause discoloration or staining of surfaces may be used on the plaza, including but not limited to spray paint, stains, varnish, etc.
  11. Under no circumstance shall any plant material or parts of plant material be removed from the plaza; nor shall any part of a plant be broken, trimmed, tied, or abused in any manner.
  12. No pets or animals are permitted on the plaza except in such cases where the animal is trained to provide assistance to a person who is physically challenged.
  13. Bicycles are not to be ridden on the plaza or permitted in garden areas. All bicycles not in use are to be placed in bicycle racks where available.
  14. No sports activities using airborne objects (such as balls, Frisbees, etc.) are permitted on the plaza.
  15. The fountain may not be used for drinking, swimming, wading, climbing, throwing money, retrieving money, floating boats or other toys, or washing; nor are foreign materials or substances to be placed or poured into the water.
  16. Goods may be sold on the hardscape area of the plaza, subject to the following restrictions: No commercial or for-profit sale of goods or services is allowed. Upon proper application, a not-for-profit organization exempt from federal taxation or a governmental subdivision will be allowed to sell goods or services on the hardscape provided that the sale is organized, operated, and controlled by the applicant. This requirement is not met if a not-for-profit organization merely receives the proceeds of the sales activity, or a portion thereof. No goods, including food and beverages, or services may be sold, or offered for sale except as provided in rules 17 and 18.
  17. No hot food may be prepared or cooked on the plaza by any individual or organization, including all non-exempt and governmental organizations authorized to sell food under rule 16 above. Hot food may be kept warm on the hardscape of the plaza by means of a chafing dish, steam table, or microwave. Food which does not require heating or warming may be prepared and/or served on the hardscape of the plaza.
  18. Hot and cold beverages may be prepared and served on the hardscape of the plaza.
  19. No glass containers or alcoholic beverages are allowed on the plaza.
  20. Birdseed may be thrown at weddings only at the stairs as the couple is leaving.
  21. At all times, the applicant must have someone present on the plaza or at immediate access having authority to make any necessary corrections or changes so as to comply with these guidelines, requirements, and regulations.