Design Review Process

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The design process for new construction on Gateway property is as follows:
  1. Pre-design briefing with city staff and/or Design Review Committee (DRC) preferred.
  2. DRC Initial Design Review
    1. Complete Project Information Form
    2. Contact Gary Whitaker in the Administration Department 615-849-2629 to schedule a DRC meeting.  To review the DRC calendar click here.
    3. Submit payment of application and design review fee
    4. Submit 15 copies of plans and renderings - plans may be submitted in half-size documents
    5. Review the design development guidelines - section 2.3 more completely describes the design review committee phases.
  3. Proceed to Planning Commission review after initial design review approval
  4. Proceed to DRC final design review after Planning Commission approval
  5. Proceed to standard city permitting process after final approval