Drinking Water Week

The Murfreesboro Water Resources Department (MWRD) and partners throughout North America are reminding water consumers that high-quality tap is “There When You Need It” during this year’s Drinking Water Week.

MWRD is observing Drinking Water Week by recognizing the vital role tap water plays in our daily lives, the infrastructure that is required to carry it to and from homes and businesses, and the critical work that water professionals accomplish around the clock. From May 2-8, MWRD is encouraging the community to get involved by taking part in activities, contests, and giveaway opportunities at our Customer Service office, located at 300 NW Broad Street, and virtuallyDrinking Water Week Doc Banner 2021

Many communities are fortunate to have reliable access to safe water when they turn on the tap. In large part, this stems from the regular testing water utilities are required to undertake to ensure regulatory standards for water quality are met. Even as we continue to undertake the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of drinking water for health, hydration, and hygiene is more prevalent than ever.

Drinking Water Week 2021 Activities

Recognizing Drinking Water Week provides an opportunity for positive communication and awareness of our most cherished natural resource – water. Indeed, water is always there when we need it, in more ways than we could ever imagine. See what MWRD is doing to commemorate this special occasion.

💧 GET YOUR KIDS INVOLVED WITH AWWA'S DRINKING WATER WEEK STUDENT ART CONTEST! DWW Student Art Contest portal opens for entries! Students of all ages will be asked to create a poster that displays the importance of quality drinking water as it pertains to health, hygiene, and hydration. All submissions will be put on display in MWRD offices and winning artwork will be rewarded by MWRD and have a chance to be featured in AWWA’s 2021 Drinking Water Week publication in June.

Refillable Water Bottle Fountain💧 TRY YOUR LUCK WITH OUR DRINKING WATER WEEK RIDDLE RAFFLE! Stop by the MWRD Customer Service office and try a hand at one of our Drinking Water Week Riddles! Those who submit correct answers to our DWW Riddle will have their name entered into a raffle to win a rain barrel. Be sure to drop in by Friday, May 7th for your chance to win big! And if you can't get to the office this week, feel free to email your riddle answers to mwrdca@murfreesborotn.gov.. See them, here.

💧 COMPETE IN THE MWRD DRINKING WATER PSA CONTEST! Tell us just how much drinking water means to you in a 30-second public service announcement! Record yourself or gather a group of friends to explain the importance of Drinking Water as it pertains to health, hygiene, and hydration. Make your message meaningful and be creative! The PSA with the most votes on our Facebook page by the end of the week will be rewarded with a special prize! Don't forget to tag us using #BoroDrinkingWaterWeek

Other Happenings' for Drinking Water Week 2021


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For more information on Drinking Water Week 2021 at MWRD, contact Alandria Barker at (615)890-0862, (EXT 3025) or by email at abarker@murfreesborotn.gov and add DRINKING WATER WEEK to your email subject.