Resource Management

Outdoor Murfreesboro Natural Resources logo - Orange circle, white bird on branch silhouette, textNatural Resource Management is the active care of major natural resources such as land, water, forests, wild flora and fauna. The sustainable management of these resources strives to:

  • promote diversity
  • restore native systems
  • preserve what is whole
  • conserve what is in use
  • maintain the ecosystem services that provide better quality of life to all 

The Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Natural Resource Division works on many projects that meet these needs. 

  1. Natural Areas
  2. Restoration Projects
  3. About the Central Basin

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Murfreesboro's Natural Areas

Murfreesboro is set in one of the most biologically diverse regions in North America. OMNR manages natural spaces that reflect this diversity along Murfreesboro's 15 miles of greenway, at Murfree Spring Wetlands, in the 275-acre Barfield Backcountry, at Nickajack/Black Fox Spring, Oakland/Sinking Creek Wetlands, Horseshoe Glade Natural Area at Siegel Park, among other sites.

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Jump In!

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Volunteer with OMNR!

Murfreesboro's Natural Resource Division offers many volunteer activities in the great outdoors throughout the year. Come help us care for Murfreesboro's wonderful natural setting, get some fresh air, and meet others who share your enthusiasm for nature. Learn more

 Conservation in Action logoGet Inspired!

Civic groups, individuals, non-profits, and other branches of Murfreesboro City government are working independently and collaboratively to care for the city's natural setting and systems. Learn more about what they're doing, and see what aligns with your interests. "Many hands make light work." Learn more