The Blue Waters Video Gallery

With our distance learning resources, MWRD-CA is helping to keep educational opportunities open, using social distancing or virtual arenas available to the public. Explore our "Blue Waters Video Gallery" for an exciting array of videos, activities, and exercises to experience from the comfort of your home and learn more about the value of our most precious resource, water! 

  • For High School Students (9th – 12th): Our focus is to cultivate creative, environmental, humanitarian and natural resource video experiences, with special recognition and rewards. See our "Imagine A Day Without Water" High School Video Contest by clicking here! 
  • For Kindergarten – 6th Graders: Our focus is educational, environmental, and natural resource video experiences. Students can dive into vocabulary word and essay activities as well as story time learning opportunities about the value of water!
  • For All Students: MWRD offers plant tours  year round for all ages, in small and large groups. Students may tour our Stones River Water Treatment Plant or Water Resource Recovery Facility. For more details about MWRD Plant Tours, click here!


The Basics of Freshwater!

This episode talks about the difference between freshwater and saltwater. It explains where each can be found and why freshwater is so important.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

Water, Water Everywhere?

Freshwater and Saltwater is all around us. Not much of the Freshwater we use for drinking water is easy to get to. Kids will learn about rough conditions in Freshwater that affect fish.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

Land And Water!

Learn how different materials absorb the suns energy. Hear about how solar energy on different the properties of land and water are absorbed and reflected.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

H2O - NO, NO, NO! Fresh Water Problems

Does the amount of freshwater available in a single ecosystem change? Explore ecosystems and how minimal changes can lead to a cascading damaging effect.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

A Fresh Future!

Fixing water problems are not easy. The discussion and examples of where good fresh water sources. Parasites, fish and dams are found. In contrast you will be introduced to bad fresh water sources and how to turn a bad water source into a good source.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

The Water Fix!

City utilities plan to have enough water for their customers. In some cases, water utilities in the west, have droughts, typically during the summer months. Drinking water shortages are a problem and can cause fighting because water is a resource. When you limit a resource, things get scary. Can we fix drinking water shortages? Lean about key ways that we can work collectively to help to fix problems like this.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

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Crash Course Kids


The Water Bodies!

Learn about different water body types on the Earth. You will learn about rivers, lakes and oceans water, and how they differ.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

The Water Cycle!

Ever wondered why it rains? Where does the water disappear to? Hear the answers to these questions and more.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

What Is Water Pollution| What Causes Water Pollution?

Learn about plastic, what it is, where it is found and how it effects pollution in the ocean. Learn more about single use plastic, what you can do reduce plastic pollution and how to use it wisely.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

Why Do We Drink Water?

All living things need water. Learn what makes you thirsty and why water makes the body feel good.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th


What are FLOODS? What do they do? How do they originate? Are they destructive? Hold on! Dr. Binocs is here to answer all your questions about Floods. 

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

Natural Disasters!

Learn about landslides and the difference between the four drought types. Explore why hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanos, and tsunamis occur and how to survive these natural disasters.

Science Grade Level: 3-5th

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More Fun Learning With Water!