Health Benefits

The City offers a wide range of health benefits designed to attract and retain an exceptional workforce. Part of those benefits include  Benefits Guide 2020 Opens in new window

* Medical             * Flexible Spending Account    

* Dental              *  Life Insurance       

* Wellness           * Long Term Disability  

* Vision               * Employee Assistance Program    


  2021 Benefits


The CiBOROFITty is committed to supporting it’s employees in living a healthy lifestyle and has partnered with Humana, GO365 to create a robust wellness program. The program offers simple and fun ways to integrate healgo365thy behavior into an employee’s everyday life. The voluntary wellness program, known as BORO-FIT, encourages healthy lifestyles and rewards employees for taking steps toward healthy lifestyle behaviors.


ICMARCLogo-113x113The City’s current retirement plan is administered by ICMA-RC.  It offers benefits through a 401 and 457 plan. There is a mandatory 3% participation in the 401 plan. The City will match the employee’s contribution up to 8%.  To learn more visit

Additional Employee Benefits

The City’s Employee Handbook Summary lists a number of other benefits offered to employees.