Zoning Inquiries


To find out how your property is zoned, find your property on the GIS Map (search the address in the top left hand corner in the search box) and check the Zoning box under the layer list on the right-hand side. When you zoom into your property you will see a zoning district. You can see what you can put in that zone by visiting our Land Use Chart.

If you have more questions, please contact the Planning Department by emailing planning@murfreesborotn.gov, or calling 615-893-6441. 

​Zoning Verification Letter

There are three levels of Zoning Verification Letters:

  1. Basic letter ($25.00) - certifies zoning district and uses permitted on the property; issued in 5-7 business days.
  2. Basic Letter Expedited ($50.00) - certifies zoning district and uses permitted on the property; issued in 3 business days.
  3. Detailed Letter ($100.00) - certifies zoning district, uses permitted, bulk standards, floodplain/FIRM information, outstanding zoning violations, and conforming/nonconforming status; issued in 14 days; no expedited delivery option.

Please use our online Zoning Verification Request Form to request a letter, here: 

If you have more questions, contact Brenda Davis by email, bdavis@murfreesborotn.gov, or by phone, 615-893-6441.