Solid Waste Public Notices

Fee Increase Notification

The following mailouts were prepared for all solid waste customers of the anticipated fee increase effective July 1, 2019.  One is the insert that Murfreesboro Water Resources Department prepared to place in customers’ water bills (encompassing about 60% of the customer base) and the other is a post-card that Consolidated Utility District sent out to customers (encompassing about 40% of the customer base).

Please note that the Murfreesboro Water Resources Department insert stated an anticipated $10/month per cart for residential.  The Utility Services Division had these inserts made prior to the Council’s decision to lower the fee to $7.50 so that they could be added to June’s water billing cycle.  The word “anticipated” was used due to not knowing exactly where the Council would land on the residential monthly fee.  Consolidated Utility District's postcard mail-out was done after the Council’s decision to lower the fee to $7.50.  

Customers with questions or service delivery issues can be directed to the Solid Waste customer service department at 615-893-3681. 

Consolidated Utility District postcard mail-out

Solid Waste Fees Postcard

Murfreesboro Water Resources Department bill insert

Bill notice Solid Waste fees increase

City Council Workshop- December 12, 2018

PowerPoint Presentation Slide